Why Photography?


A truck pauses on a dirt road on a Florida dairy farm.

A truck pauses on a dirt road on a Florida dairy farm.

I like this picture not only for what it shows, but also for what it represents. To me it illustrates adventure, freedom, anticipation for what lies ahead, blazing one’s own path, etc. And while this shot is nothing more than a truck’s tire parked atop a dirt road on a Florida dairy farm, it also represents perspective and how we choose to see things.

Photography ignites a curiosity in us that can influence how we see the world. Being a naturally curious person myself, looking through a camera forces me to focus on a topic, person, object, animal, setting, etc. and really try to understand it and what makes it unique. With so much information flashing through our minds, it is amazing what you can learn when stopping to capture that moment. And it doesn’t have to be an exotic or remote corner of the world.

In a way, Photography forces you to find the beauty in a situation. Every photographer wants that perfect shot and will manipulate camera settings and, later, editing techniques to help create that perfect photo. The repeated process of doing this behind the camera starts to rub off in other areas of your life beyond the camera, helping you find the silver lining in situations that otherwise would be overlooked. This quest for the perfect shot becomes a quest for the beauty in anything and anyone.

The next time you’re stressed out about work or life in general, take a moment to notice the beauty that surrounds you. Think of how many great things are waiting to be discovered by you, simply by changing the way you look at life. Will you continue to see a truck on a farm’s dirt road, or will you ground yourself, alter your perspective and discover another view of something you’ve been on top of this whole time?

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