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Aaron Wockenfuss

Hello, and welcome to Wockenfuss Photography! My name is Aaron and I am an aspiring photographer based in Central Florida. I like to explore the world around me, forever freezing its beauty in a picture. I enjoy photographing anything that sparks my curiosity, ranging from cityscapes to dairy cows.

As a matter of fact, dairy cows are what got me started in photography. I previously worked for Florida’s dairy farming families, and I would often bring a camera with me when visiting their farms. I saw so many amazing things during my time on the dairy farms and I wanted to capture it all for others to experience. Although I didn’t know a thing about cameras or their settings at the time, I knew what I wanted to shoot and the feeling that I was trying to capture and convey in that photo; and I think that’s what matters most in photography – pictures with moods and meanings.

Aaron Wockenfuss at dairy


Please have a look around the site, engage with me and share with friends if you feel inspired to do so. And if something on the site grabs your attention, you have questions or you have unique and interesting ideas for things, people or places to photograph, please contact me!




  1. You’ve created something wonderful here, my brother. Very proud of you!!

    “If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

  2. nice job, aaron. i look forward to seeing more photos.

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