I thought it appropriate that the first gallery in my photography portfolio would be agriculture. After all, it was agriculture that initiated my pursuit into photography, as I attempted to capture the beauty I saw on Florida’s dairy farms while working in the promotional sector of the dairy industry. But more than that, these agricultural photos speak to me more than a lot of the other subjects I photograph.

The care and love Florida dairy farmers show their animals is just an amazing thing to witness. During my visits to dairy farms across the Sunshine State, I saw first hand the connection between beast and man. I watched as these hardworking men and women rose with the sun, and oftentimes before the sun, to feed, milk and look after their animals. I observed the attention to detail given to make sure their cows were comfortable and calm. I witnessed farmers bottle-feeding newborn calves who were too weak to fend for themselves. Most of all, I felt the infectious passion these dairy farmers have for what they do and it inspired me to take these shots and tell their story.

Have a look through these photos and feel free to ask questions and share with your friends!